Millcreek Residences

Offered for sale: Fully finished residences with all utility networks and services
on MillCreek Golf Club premises. Also furnished residences. 280 square meters (3,000 sq. ft) floor space, land area from 1,300 sq. m (14,000 sq. ft). Double garage. Various options for fences and large-sized trees on the site.

Substantial discounts for bookings before November 7:

  • 50 000 000
  • 44 000 000
  • Without finishing and furniture
  • 63 000 000
  • 55 000 000
  • With finishing, without furniture
  • 75 000 000
  • 66 000 000
  • With finishing and furniture
Move-in ready homes
High-quality construction materials and finishes
5-star hotel service; round-the-clock security
Restaurants, beach, Winter Park, aquatics, fishing
Soon – residences in the second phase for sale

The sale starts soon of houses in the second phase. Floor space from 112 sq. m (1,200 sq. ft), land plots from 1,000 sq. m (10,700 sq. ft). Also custom-tailored houses to fit your needs.

Special offer – Subject to payment in full, buyers of houses in the second phase are entitled free accommodation in the residences of the first phase (floor space 280 sq. m; double garage) for the entire construction period. Payment by instalments is also possible.

Sign up for the waiting list and we will inform you about the start of sales.
  • 30 fully finished residences
  • Floor space 280 sq. m (3,000 sq. ft)
  • Land plots from 1,300 sq. m (14,000 sq. ft)
  • Built-in double garage
  • All utility networks and services
  • Foundation – a monolithic reinforced concrete slab
  • Outer walls – aerated concrete blocks
  • Floor structure – reinforced concrete plates
  • Coverings and roofing – metal
  • Roofing system – seam roofing on boarding and wooden rafters
  • DoorHan automatic gates
  • REHAU triple-pane windows
  • Secured premises
  • Professional security from Alfa-Legion company
  • Cleaning
  • Concierge service
  • 24/7 service and maintenance
  • Any security services
  • Golf Club with 7 certified golf courses
  • Beach and Winter Park
  • Restaurants
  • 24-hour gym
  • Aquatics
  • Football/Soccer field with natural grass
  • Beach sports
  • Year-round fishing
  • Children’s grounds
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Our Golf Club is a private club. Priority for tee time booking is given to Club members and their guests. If you are a Club member, please login to your account to make a reservation. If you are not a Club member, before making a reservation please familiarize yourself with the Golf Club rules for the provision of services, the description of our golf courses, tournaments schedule and other useful information and send an application (in no particular format, to Club@millcreek.ru). Those who are not Club members will be able to book tee times for certain days and times of the day after the beginning of the season.
For reservations, please call +7 812 507-83-11 or write to info@millcreek.ru
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