«Kingwinch» active parks network — the aquatics operator at MillCreek Beach.


At your disposal are 2 cable lines that guarantee a powerful and consistent pull as well as intuitivity and easy learning.

This sport is often called ‘summer snowboard’ as both have a similar riding technique; however, you will feel a totally new sensation thanks to the board gliding the water surface.

Classes are given by qualified instructors from «Kingwinch» active parks network; the patented teaching technique enables you to stand up on the board at the first try regardless of your physical aptitude.


At MillCreek Beach you will find latest supboards – large inflatable boards complete with a paddle.

The sport is quickly gaining popularity thanks to easy learning and many variations. While on your supboard, you can meditate slowly cruising to the far end of the lake, but as soon as you start paddling the steady board will pick up a pretty good speed.

Everyone will be able to find supboarding to their liking while we are providing everything necessary for it.

Classes are given by qualified instructors from «Kingwinch» active parks network.


Windsurfing at MillCreek is a combination of surfing and sailing.

Glide along the club beaches honing the technique of mastering a light board. United with the wind, you will challenge yourself and add a new dimension to your outdoor activities – the sport is interesting, not at all simple, and requires a sound approach.

Classes are given by qualified instructors from «Kingwinch» active parks network.


Ride the whirlwind at MillCreek Beach – the water and the wind will give you incredible emotions while you are kitesurfing.

Explore the lake perimeter with the help of a steerable kite ready to correct your course and speed upon your command. Remember to keep your balance – the board under your feet will help not only to keep your feet, but also to confidently travel on the water surface.

Classes are given by qualified instructors from «Kingwinch» active parks network who have been teaching athletes and ‘outdoor types’ for years.


The aquatics will never be the same since the advent of hydrofoils.

Boards with a hydrofoil rapidly enrapture the world – many have already tried gliding on the water surface, but foilboarding enables you to ‘hover’ over the water, which is quite a new experience. Change the angle of attack, keep your balance, try new things in the trendiest extreme sport.

Exclusively at MillCreek – Electrofoil. Containing an electric motor and a battery package, it enables you to gather speed up to 40-50 km/h (25-30 miles per hour) keeping steady and secure a meter above the water surface. Be the first in Russia to try!


Qualified instructors from «Kingwinch» active parks network using special software with experimentally measured acceleration and pull on a reverse Kingwinch Wake System will teach you initial skills in safe riding and managing the foil, which will help in mastering other aquatic activities like kiting, surfing, wakesurfing, and electrofoiling.

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