Kaleidoscope of Golf Clubs

Coronavirus pandemic and a high-alert regime altered plans of golfers and golf clubs, deprived people of the opportunity to lead usual life, move freely and choose a recreation ground.

Now that the period of safe-isolation is over and restriction measures are eased, MillCreek Club is happy to invite all golf clubs to get back on track and participate in Kaleidoscope of Golf Clubs Tournament that will take place on MillCreek Club premises during the 2020 season. The Tournament involves competition with both the MillCreek Club team and golf clubs against each other. Within the Tournament, two rounds are provided for each team. They will take place on different MillCreek golf courses over two consecutive days:

  • Day 1 – simultaneous (for different groups and handicaps) game on three courses – Joker’s Course, St. Andrew’s Cross Course, and Royal Flush.
  • Day 2 – players compete on one of the four KaleidoscopeGolf courses chosen at random.
    The time of participation in the Tournament (specific dates for the team) will be determined based on the teams’ preliminary applications and in their best interests.

The Tournament format is stroke play minus handicap.
The handicap is limited to 28 for men and 36 for women.
The number of players in the participating teams is not limited.
The winner will be the team with the best 4 results. In case of an equal number of strokes, the winner will be the team with the lowest sum of the handicaps of scoring team members.

Kaleidoscope of Golf Clubs Tournament gives an excellent opportunity to identify the strongest club under unique conditions of the MillCreek course enabling to play on different courses including KaleidoscopeGolf routes.

In addition to the golf course that is unparalleled to anywhere in the world, the Tournament participants will be able to use the entire Club infrastructure. We offer our guests comfortable residences, a leisure park with a pool and a beach on the shores of a pristine lake, as well as various sports and recreation facilities.

You can learn more about the Tournament program and regulations on the Club’s official website and by phone: +7 (812) 508-83-11.

We are looking forward to your applications.

Please feel free to contact us:

+7 (812) 507-83-11 | info@millcreek.ru

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Our Golf Club is a private club. Priority for tee time booking is given to Club members and their guests. If you are a Club member, please login to your account to make a reservation. If you are not a Club member, before making a reservation please familiarize yourself with the Golf Club rules for the provision of services, the description of our golf courses, tournaments schedule and other useful information and send an application (in no particular format, to Club@millcreek.ru). Those who are not Club members will be able to book tee times for certain days and times of the day after the beginning of the season.
For reservations, please call +7 812 507-83-11 or write to info@millcreek.ru
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